Friday, January 4, 2008

Stepping out of the Rat Race!

  • My wife and I were married five years ago and together made the decision to follow our dream and see the world. Having both been raised in South Africa, we consider ourselves ‘third world children’ and some of our chosen destinations have been more inclined towards the unconventional.
  • The first step is always the hardest. Deciding to go against the grain and turn your back on the nine to five lifestyle was always the dream. The reality - that our conservative parents may not have thought it the best plan. Society in general is quick to protest that this kind of living is irresponsible. How Dare We Have So Much Fun!!!!

    But Fun we have had….. From Australia to Principe, from Burma to Panama, we have traveled whilst working and traveled without working, thanks to our ‘Travel Fund Generators’. We’ve had it easy and sometimes we’ve had it hard. We’ve lost luggage, lost inhibitions, made lifelong friends and made memories. And we intend to continue our journey and hope to meet you along the way.

    So far on our journey we have worked in Casino’s in England and surfed for six months in Australia. We took a month long trip to Panama, traveled to Spain and New York with a fabulous weekend in the Hamptons. Returned to England for a work opportunity and then decided to travel to South East Asia. We lived in Thailand for seven months on the most spectacular beach. Taking the time to see the change in seasons, the ebb and flow of life.

We then took off to Wales for a Snow filled seven weeks before heading back to the tropics and living it up in Nicaragua. Took a job running a small beach resort for ten months before deciding to open our own three tabled Thai Restaurant, which we ran for six months. We traveled to
Costa Rica for a bit of surfing before leaving Central America.

The remote island of Principe off the West Coast of Africa has been our home for the last three months and so that leads us to the Here and Now. Fortunately our ‘Travel Fund Generators’ are looking very positive this year Our plans for 2008 include…..

Visiting Family and Friends in South Africa in February and March
A Trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in April through July
A Visit to the Philippines to check out the diving after July

After that, who knows, but if you want the heads up on the how, the where and the why or you just want to meet us along the way, please feel free to drop us a message….. We’d love to share!!

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